Cancelled/Postponed!! - Due to the rain/thunderstorms forecast for Saturday along with flooding warnings that could make travel hazardous we are cancelling this Saturday's sprint race.  We are looking for possible alternate dates to reschedule the event and will update everyone if we can arrange another race.

Thursday Update - Still one and a half feet at Osceola so we're still watching the weather and conditions closely.  We will be up there tomorrow to examine the trail and range conditions.  We will make a final decision on the race by 4pm tomorrow (Friday) and post an update here and also send out an email to the Syracuse list.

Our final winter club race for the season is just a few days away on Saturday, February 25th in Osceola.  This is the last event before the NY Champs and likely to be the last NY club event until the summer season kicks off.  While we are facing a lot of warm weather this week Osceola has over 2 feet of base at the moment.  We'll be closing watching but expect that there will be enough snow to hold the race on Saturday.  This will be a sprint event for all classes and we will most likely use the same distances as the January event.  We may need to make adjustments depending on the weather so be prepared for changes at the last minutes.  Be sure to pre-register before Thursday at 10:00 pm to save yourself a few dollars and to help us plan the event.

February 25th Sign-Up

Wow!!  A great turnout today with 26 novices and 12 open competitors tackling the soft snow and fog at Osceola.  Thanks to everyone who made the trip and hopefully you enjoyed the event.  As always a even bigger thanks to our volunteers who really stepped up today to handle the big crowd.  We look forward to everyone making back to our next event on February 25th and if you didn't make it up today be sure to put it on your calendar and don't miss out.

More new SBC swag!  Vinyl decals are back in stock with a 1" diameter round and 3" diameter round of the SBC logo.  We have plenty of these available so be sure to pick up a couple at our next event.  Can't make it or in a hurry?  We'll ship as many as can be stuffed into an envelope for $1.  Check out the SBC Gear page for these and other club items.

While we're waiting for the first event of the year now is the time to stock up on Syracuse Biathlon swag!  Check out the SBC Gear page for the latest items available.  Quantities are typically very limited so if there's something you want be sure to get it as it may not last.  Remember that SBC members get first chance at new items along with discounted pricing!

New club membership benefit for the 2016/17 season.  Club members will received first chance and club pricing on SBC gear.  Currently working on a new item so if you want first crack at it when it becomes available be sure to join!

For anyone in involved in the nordic sports there's a new podcast being offered by NY's own Brian Halligan.  He covers subjects of interest to all the nordic disciplines and interview many nordic athletes.  Be sure to give it a try.  You can find it Itunes or at - search for "Word on the Trail"

The leaves are starting to fall so it's time to renew your Syracuse Biathlon membership.  There is no change to the annual fee and we are continuing with the benefits started last year including the $2 discount to Syracuse events.  Be sure to renew or join and help the Syracuse club to continue to put on quality events throughout the year.  

2016/2017 Membership Form

It was a small but enthusiastic group for the final race of the summer.  Thanks to everyone who took part and a bigger thanks to the volunteers and officials who make these events possible.  Results for the race can be found below.  Bring on winter!

The end of summer is here but we have one more summer race scheduled for Saturday, September 17th at Pratt's Falls Park.  This will be a sprint format race with a 5k total distance.  Preregistration is now open with an early entry fee of $20 ($15 for those 18 and under).  There is also a $10 Member-for-a-day insurance charge for anyone who is not a member of the US Biathlon Association.  This event is open to anyone 13 years or older looking to experience the biathlon experience.  For those new to the sport we provide instruction/rifle safety training before the race and the use of a rifle & ammunition for the event.  For those under the age of 13 we will be holding a fun paintball biathlon event following the race. 

Race Day Info:
Registration/Check-in - 9:00-10:00
Rifle Safety Instruction - 10:00 (mandatory for all first time participants)
Zero - 10:00
Race Start - 11:00
Be sure to register early as the entry goes up $5 after the pre-registration period closes.

Closes Thursday - September 15th at 10:00 pm EST

Directions To Pratt's Falls Range

Parking/Range at Pratt's

For those of you on our email list we are adding a sub-group that is dedicated to training & races.  This will be for those people interested in getting together for training activities (rollerskiing, running, cycling) or for setting up ride sharing to races.  If you interested in getting on the training sub-group (or signing up for the SBC email list) just send a note to asking to be added.

We are holding another biathlon clinic & training day on Saturday, August 27th at Pratt's Falls Park.  This will be similar to our June event where the focus will be on developing your shooting skills and biathlon knowledge.  This is an excellent opportunity for first time participants to experienced biathletes.  We will be starting at 9:00 with our Group A participants (first time participants or relatively new to the sport) where we will have an hour of biathlon basics & information.  Group B (biathletes with there own rifles/ammo who want coaching) and Group C (experienced biathletes looking for a training day) will join in at 10:00 as we begin shooting drills and biathlon strategy.  We'll wrap up the day at 12:00 with a sprint format time trial.  This event is open to anyone 13 and older looking to get into biathlon or improve their shooting skills.  The Group A participants will be limited to 15 so that we can insure individualized coaching and access to rifles so be sure to pre-register early.  See the registration page for more details or contact

Thanks to all our participants and volunteers at today's sprint race held at Pratt's Falls Park.  The 22 competitors had beautiful weather to tackle the 5k course.  Afterwards we had five young biathletes show everyone how it's done in the paint ball race.  Our next event is a training clinic on August 27th at Pratt's Falls and we'll have registration information up for that soon.  Results for today's race can be found below.


Our next event is quickly approaching!  We will be holding a sprint format summer race on Saturday, July 16th at Pratt's Falls Park.  This race will be 5km for all classes and will start at 9:00 with registration/check-in, 10:00 for zero/rifle safety, and an 11:00 start (interval starts).  Never tried biathlon before?  No problem - as long as you are 13 or older and able to run a 5km you're able to give it a try.  We even provide you with a rifle to use during the event and the ammunition that you'll need.  All first time participants must complete a mandatory rifle safety/biathlon instruction session the morning of the race.  For those under 13 we will be holding a paintball biathlon event right after the sprint race so everyone can participate.  If you have any questions please contact

Event Details
Pre-register online - HERE!
Entry fees - $15 for 18 and under, $20 all others.  There is a $10 US Biathlon Member for a Day insurance fee for non-USBA members.  Race day entries will be accepted with an additional $5 entry fee so sign up ahead of time.
Registration/Check-in - 9:00
Zero/Rifle Safety - 10:00
Start - 11:00
Paintball - after the completion of the sprint race.


Directions To Pratt's Falls Range

Parking/Range at Pratt's

We will be holding a summer clinic as part of the 2016 Olympic Day Celebration on Saturday, June 25th at Pratt's Falls Park.  This event is designed for all levels of competitors and will be focused on developing shooting skills and biathlon strategy.  There will be three groups separated by ability:

Note:  In addition to the event fee's listed below there is a $10 insurance fee for any participant who is not a member of the US Biathlon Association

Group A - This is for novices who are relatively new to the sport and are looking for personalized coaching during the day.  We are limiting this group to a maximum of 15 to insure quality instruction.  Rifle and ammunition will be provided.  Instruction & drills from 9:00 to 12:00 with a time trial at 12:00.  Expect to be finished by 1:00.  Entry fee is $20 per person.

Group B - You've participated in biathlon previously and have your own rifle & ammunition but would like some additional instruction & coaching then this may be your best fit.  Instruction & drills from 9:00 to 12:00 with a time trial at 12:00.  Expect to be finished by 1:00.  Entry fee is $15 per person.

Group C - For the experienced biathlete with there own rifle & ammunition just looking for a chance to do some training.  Welcome to start with the other groups at 9:00 but no shooting allowed until 10:00.  Self-directed training & welcome to join the time trial at 12:00.  Entry fee is $10 per person.

There is a $2 discount for all members of the Syracuse Biathlon Club so be sure to renew or join if you are not a member.

Update - 12/8/15 (14:13) The Syracuse Biathlon Club website is in the process of being redesigned.  Please bear with us as we move to a new layout.  

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